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All burgers are half-pound, served with fries and pickle slices.

Substitutions for fries on any burger:

-Onion Rings $2.49 -Sweet potato fries $1.99 -Small salad $4.25



Just the burger $9.99


Choice of cheese $10.49

Bacon Cheeseburger

2 strips of bacon and your choice of cheese. $11.49

Mushroom & Swiss

Sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. $11.49

Hawk’s Best

Lettuce, tomato, raw onion, cheese, and mayo $10.75

Minor League

¼ pound cheeseburger served California style. $7.99


½ pound patty, pulled pork, bacon, BBQ sauce stuffed in the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich! $15.49


Patty Melt

Swiss cheese, grilled onions on marble rye bread. $11.49

Wild West

Bacon, homemade chili, shredded cheese, chopped onion and sour cream on the side. $11.99

Stuffed Burger

Onion and bacon relish stuffed between two ¼ pound patties, both topped with Swiss cheese.. Served with lettuce and tomato on a pretzel roll. $11.49


Hot Buffalo Bill

Grilled jalapeños & onions, pepper-jack cheese with buffalo sauce. $11.49

Bourbon Street

Swiss cheese, bourbon sauce & onion rings, served on grilled Texas toast. $11.99


Turkey Burger

1/3 pound patty with lettuce, tomato & mayo. Served on a brioche bun. $9.99


Black bean chipotle veggie Burger

1/3 pound patty served with lettuce, tomato, guacamole and/or sour cream and salsa by request. $9.99


All Sandwiches are served with fries and a pickle spear.

Substitutions for fries on any burger:

-Onion Rings $2.49 -Sweet Potato Fries $1.99 -Small Salad $4.25

Shrimp Po' Boy

Breaded tail-off shrimp, lettuce, tomato and our special Remoulade sauce. Served on a toasted hoagie roll. $11.49

Carolina Pulled Pork

Homemade pulled pork served on a Brioche bun. $10.49

French Dip

Shredded roast beef, topped with your choice of cheese on a grilled hoagie bun. Served with Au Jus. $11.49

Chicken Tender Melt

Chicken strips, bacon, and pepper jack cheese on grilled Texas toast. $11.49


Six strips of bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Served on Texas toast. $6.99

Ham & Cheese Melt

Ham and American cheese on grilled Texas toast. $8.99

Club Wrap $9.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap

With grilled chicken $10.49

Grilled Chicken Wrap

With grilled chicken $10.49

Taco Wrap

Taco beef, cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce rolled up in a flour tortilla. Served with sour cream and salsa. $9.49

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken breast, mild buffalo sauce rolled with shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomato in a flour tortilla. Served with bleu cheese dressing. $10.99

Fish n' Chips

Breaded Pollock fillets served with fries, coleslaw and a pickle spear. $9.99

Shrimp Basket

Breaded and butterflied shrimp served with fries, coleslaw and a pickle spear. $9.99

Chicken Strip Basket

Chicken tenders served with fries, coleslaw and a pickle spear. $10.99

Rib Tip Basket

Smoked and seasoned rib tips, fries and coleslaw. $10.99

(Prices subject to change)

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